using sunbeds and using soap before spray tan.

by Natalie Hill

Question: I am 15 years old and getting a spray tan next week.
i have 2 questions
1) i use sunbeds, will this effect my spray tan?
2) the salon worker said not to use soap to wash myself before the session, is this right?


1) Using sunbeds will not effect your spray tan, they are 2 different methods which are OK to use together.
I am a bit concerned that at such a young age you are using sunbeds. I thought that it was not allowed and for good reason. I suggest that you become more proficient at using spray and self tanning methods, because you can really damage your skin with sun beds, especially if you use too much of them when you are so young.

2) I do not know why using soap before spray tanning would effect the tan.

The only thing I can think of is that some soaps that contain a lot of moisturizers (such as Dove) can put an oil barrier on your skin that will make it difficult for the spray tanning solution to penetrate your skin, but any ordinary soap should be OK. Just make sure you rinse off really well.

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