using self tanner at home after a spray tan.

by Karen
(Boca Raton, FL)

Question: I wanted my legs pretty dark so after my spray tan I came home & put Bobbi Brown self tanner on my legs & then I noticed the plams of my hands where dark. So I was wondering if I removed some of my spray tan & maybe should have waited. Not sure. If so, how long do I need to wait to apply more self tanner on top of the spray tan?

Answer: It is best not to put anything on top of your spray tan until AFTER you have had a shower and rinsed off all the bronzer - that means waiting about 8 hours after your spray tan. As the tan developes you might find that it goes darker and the color would have been OK if you did not fiddle with it.

When applying self tanner wear latex gloves, that way you will not get brown palms and if you find that your legs are still not as dark as you would have liked them, next time ask the technician to give you two coats on your legs.

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