Using Barrier creams before spray tan.

by lorraine

Question: Do you have to use Barrier cream on the body before spray tanning a client?
I am not sure how to apply it, where too ,how much to apply and if it touches other parts of clients body will it leave lighter marks.

Answer: Using barrier cream before spray tan is a good idea if client has quite dry skin on their elbows and knees and around ankles and feet. Some technicians use them all the time, others not very often. I have seen some technicians simply giving those problem spots just one spray while the rest of the body got two.
You ask the client to apply just a very small amount on the dry parts and then rub it in well. I stress - very small amount, so it gets absorbed into the dry skin totally. Then just ask them to rub the palms of the hands together to get rid of the excess.
You don't have to worry about smudges due to client accidentally touching any other part of the body unless there is a larger amount of cream. If in doubt, just have the client wipe the excess cream with a tissue and you will be OK.

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