Use Baiden Mitten wet or dry?

by Casey

Question: Do you have to soak in the tub before using the Baiden mitten?

Can you use it dry?

Answer: If you soak, you will get the spectacular show of rolling skin bits, but I have been using it dry if I do not feel like soaking. I discovered it once when I dry brushed with the glove in the afternoon sun. You know when the sun shines just at the right angle and you can see any specs of dust falling?

Well, that was the first time I used it dry and by golly, it was a shower of dry skin flakes coming off. Huge amount and afterwards my skin was really soft, just as if I soaked and scrubbed. I have been often using it dry regularly and the results are as good as if you soaked, but unless you catch that afternoon sun you do not get to see the skin rolling off.

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