Uneven tan

by Sarah

Question: I play sports a lot, so I'm usually out in the sun in a t-shirt. I am a girl so this can be a huge problem when it's time to put on a dress. My forearms and face are somewhat tan (because I am already really pale) while my upper arms and chest areas are extremely pale. I wouldn't say it's too bad, but I'd prefer not to get sprayed by a technician. Is there any way I can go into a booth while evening out this tan?

Answer: Spray tan in a booth will make your skin color a little bit more even, but you will still be able to see the difference in shades.

One way of blending it in better would be to apply one of those gradual tanning products that build up your tan over few days over the lightest areas and then they could blend in so much better with your tanned skin.

You can do it without spray tanning with something like Beautisol All Year Tan or you can have a spray tan and then, if you want to even it out use the same product.

However, the easiest thing to do is to go to a technician and let her spray tan you. Believe me, they have seen all different body shapes and sizes and nothing really surprises those girls.

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