Trick for making spray tan look natural on feet.

Question: i thought i read somewhere to blot the tops of the feet with a special type of wipe or cloth to smooth out the spray on the feet and hands
I am using barrier cream before but the feet still turn out a bit speckled

Answer: I am not quite clear if you spray tan people or are you gettin spray tanned yourself? If so, is it in a booth or with a hand gun?

I used well rubbed in moisturizing cream very well blended into ankles. When tanning in a booth I would wipe the feet off gently with a towel and that would spread it evenly.
If you are spray tanning clients and you have this problem it might be a good idea to wear a pair of latex gloves and at the end just gently rub in the solution. That often helps the tricky feet spray tan.

There is a video on my website on how to apply self tanner to legs and feet that you also might want to watch for some tips.

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