Tantruth spray tan

by leanne fallon

Question: After using the tan truth spray, its not clear whether you have to rinse it off after applied and has developed? Im wanting to do one but rnt sure if i do it on a night and rinse it off in the morning and moisturise like i have with ones in the past in a salon

Answer: I am not familiar with tan truth spray tan, but a general rule of thumb would still apply if it contains DHA. If it does, it means that your skin is developing the tan, so you have to give it few hours to actually work. If the spray tan solution had some bronzer in it i.e. you had some color straight after the application, that is meant to come off in the shower, after which you just moisturize as you normally do after a spray tan.

If the solution does not contain DHA than it is just a cosmetic of the same sort as foundation for the face. All will come off in the first shower and if you want to be brown you will have to start again.

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Nov 22, 2016
by: Lauren

Hi im wondering in 6 months pregnant it was to see if its safe to use tantruth tanning ?

I am not a big fan of using any tanning products while pregnant (or any other chemical containing cosmetics for that matter), but it if you really want to do it, then self tanning is better than spray tanning as you do not breathe in the fumes and use a lot less of the solution. Also a product which has more erythrulose (which is derived from berries) rather than DHA (which is usually manufactured synthetically) is a better choice.
Alternatively, just do 20 minutes a day in early morning or late afternoon sunshine which will not only give you some color, but also provide vital Vitamin D for the baby.

May 29, 2010
Tan Truth spray tanning
by: Anonymous


I am tan truth trained and am a mobile spray tanning specialist. My clients love tan truth. In brief you are advised not to wash it off straight after being sprayed or after application. The color guide specifies that it develops within 6-8 hours. I always suggest that if my clients have it done on a thursday with view to go out on the fri evening to wait until the next day or as long as possible to shower.
What you, the client see's any way is only the guide colour, this is what the professionals see whilst spraying you, and you should never expect to stay that colour. Your colour will be underneath when you have showered. Again the color you want to go will depend on the DHA that is in the product. Any professional spray tanning technician will tell you this and im pretty sure if you look on the tan truth website there is a fantastic bit on there that explains it

happy tanning

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