tanning with an already existing sunburn.

by maureen
(Butler, PA, US)

Question: if i have an already existing sunburn, if i get a fake tan will it turn a darker orange color? what would the result be?

Answer: If your skin is still very hot, the tan might not develop at all, because spray tanning solution is sensitive to temperature, however, if your skin is not hot any more, you can have a spray tan.
It will not turn more orange, but will soothe the skin, as most spray tan solutions are aloe vera based, so it can stop or slow down your skin peeling.

It should turn brown, but you must understand that if you peel there will be a lot of contrast in color between your tanned skin and your new skin, so the patches can look pretty bad.

You can fill in the white patches with a q-tip dipped in a liquid self tanning product. It will not be perfect, but better than just leaving them white.

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