tanning spray then tanning

by Tabitha

Question: I have heard that Tanning in the tanning bed then doing a spray than is good for better results I know that tanning beds are bad, yes but as far as my pores being opened is this true what I am asking is it ok to lay in the tanning bed then get a spray tan right after and is it ok to tan the next day in the tanning bed, or is it wasted effort? would i have better results by just laying in the tanning bed a few days then getting my spray tan ?

Answer: It is better to have spray tan first then use sun beds, because in heat your pores open and if you got spray tanned AFTER using sun beds than bronzer in the spray tanning solution would lodge deep in the pores giving you spotty look.
You can use sun beds on consecutive days after spray tanning just keep in mind that spray tan does not give you any protection against UVA rays, so you might get burned, even though you already have a "tan". Spray tan is a cosmetic and will in no way prep your skin for solarium or sun tanning.

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