Tanning Right After A Spray Tan

by Lindsay

Question: Will tanning in a bed or stand up after a spray tan make you darker or make your spray tan last longer?

Answer: Many tanning salons do "fake and bake" treatment, which is supposed to keep your spray tan on longer.
The answer is "yes and no".
Tanning in a bed will not really extend your spray tan, but it will create an illusion of spray tan lasting longer, because it will turn the skin UNDRER the tan darker (if that makes sense).

Your spray tan will also look darker, because the skin under your spray tan will be darker.
The UV rays in tanning beds will go right through your spray tan and effect the melanin in your skin as if the spray tan was not there.

You must also remember that just because you have dark skin from spray tanning it will in no way protect you from getting burned in sun bed, so have just a short session if you must.

I think that going for "fake and bake" is better than just going for tanning beds because you will cut out a lot of tanning sessions that would have damaged your skin.
However, the idea of spray tanning is to protect your skin from premature aging, and the best way of doing it is not to use tanning beds at all, just get better at looking after you spray tan, so you can keep it longer in perfect condition.

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