Tanning outdoors after spray tan?

Question: After waiting the normal time period after a spray tan...will tanning outside enhance the spray tan? Or will it still eventually wash off? I guess I'm asking is the brozer in the spray tan a good way to get the color fast and then tan outdoors to keep it?

Answer: Many people use spray tan to get the color first, so they are not so white to start with. The you can take it slowly to build up your sun tan safely and by the time you do it over a week or longer, you will not even notice that your spray tan would have faded. The transition will be seamless.

Please remember that spray tan does not protect you in any way from burning, so initially stay in the sun only for a short time to let your skin build up some melanin. Otherwise you will burn, peel and will not have ANY tan.

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Jun 01, 2010
Thank you!
by: Lindsay

Thank you for answering my question! I got sprayed earlier in the week and I have been taking it slow with my tanning outdoors. I am actually starting to see my actual tan come through from my spray. Couldn't have answered my question better! Thank you...I have a wedding I'm in in a week!!

Boshena's comment: You are very welcome. Have fun at the wedding.

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