tanning bed and spray tan

by elizabeth

Question: ok i went to the tanning bed today and stayed 16 min in a 20 min bed, but i am needing to get tanned asap. i have a big event coming up,tonight i feel like i stayed to long in the tanning bed and my face is red
by friday 2 days from now would i be able to still get a spray tan or since i went today and now am red have i ruined it?

Answer: You can get a spray tan, the only way it would affect your tanning process is if you started peeling, then you would get rid of both tans at once.
It is best to go for a spray tan a day before your event, and get only a light tan, since you do not want to run a risk of going orange. Still it will be quite visible especially if you have a slight tan from the tanning bed.
A good idea would be to choose a spray tanning solution that contains aloe vera (ask the salon before you book if their solution is aloe -vera based). That will lessen a chance of your skin peeling and you will have a better chance of having a flawless tan.

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