Tanning bed after Spray tan.

by Ashley

Question: Will laying in the tanning bed after a spray tan make the streaks better or worse? How long should I wait after a spray tan to lay in a tanning bed?

Answer: Streaks will blend in better after your skin starts getting darker. If you are fresh from spray tanning and noticed streaks, wait till after you've had the shower (about 6 hours after the tan) to see if you need any time in the tanning bed at all, as some streaks just wash off and the tan can be pretty much even underneath.

When it comes to using tanning beds after a spray tan, some salon owners will let their clients to lay in the bed straight after a spray tan for "fake and bake", but I think it is a good idea to let at least one hour go by before you using the bed, as heat can affect the spray tanning solution.

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