tanning bed after spray tan?

by jj
(da LOU)

Question: I just got a spray tan today and my chest is not as dark as id like it, can i go in a tanning bed tommorow? or would that ruin the spray tan

Answer: Having a spray tan in no way interferes with any other method of tanning. Make sure though that you do not overdo it on the tanning bed, since it is easy to assume that since you have a tan already it in some way will protect you from UV rays. It does not. For all intents and purposes when it comes to UV tanning your skin is still virgin white even if it does have some color on it.

Alternative of course would be to apply some self tanner to your chest (just a small amount or the kind that builds up your tan gradually) and not worry about sun beds. Probably better for your skin too.

Of all my body parts that I ever tanned in my life, my chest gives me the most grief. It has many, many freckles, and it looks quite old because of it, and so I now have to even it out with mineral make up. I wish I did not UV tan so much when I was younger.

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