Tanned Feet

by Karen
(Toronto, Canada)

Question: I have been spray tanning by a technician yet my feet come out terrible. The top of my feel look dirty after I get sprayed and no matter how long I wait to let them dry before putting my flip flops on, when I get home and take the flips off the tanning lotion has rubbed off and its white under the straps. Any suggestions?

Answer: Yes, get yourself a Baiden Mitten especially if you spray tan regularly. It absolutely does wonders for spray tans wearing off nicely.

Also, when you go for a spray tan, but a tiny amount of moisturizing cream on your feet just before spray tanning. Rub and blend in very well. That will stop some of the spray tanning solution getting through giving you a bit lighter color, but more even.
You don't need more than a pea size on each foot, but it works well on knees, elbows feet and hands because the skin on those body parts is dryer than on the rest of the body, so it has to be moisturized to bring the tan up to the same color as on the rest of the body.

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Feb 29, 2016
bottoms of feet
by: Anonymous

The bottoms of my feet look horrible after VersaPro. Where can I buy those black rubber peel-off stick-on footies that stick to the bottoms of your feet?
Answer: Try those on Amazon

Jun 28, 2010
Thanks for the advice
by: Karen

Already do the moisturizer bit, the tech does it before she sprays. Honestly once I take my first shower and I always wait until the next morning, the dirty stuff seems to come off,lol. I just don't make any plans the evening of the day I get sprayed because it looks more settled the next day.

Boshena's comment: Yes, it is much better to wait for the next day to go out, otherwise you might scare small children :-)

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