Tan extending products will let you keep your tan longer.

Tan extending products are products that extend your tan (surprise!). There are basically just two types of products that can let you keep your tan longer:

1.Pre tan exfoliators. If you do not prepare your skin well, your tan will not go on evenly and you will loose it quickly - in patches. So, if you don't exfoliate well before your session chances are that you will not be happy with your tan.

Body exfoliating glove.

    There are two ways to exfoliate:
  • Mechanical - exfoliating gloves will mechanically scrub off your dead skin cells. There are many different types on the market and I thought that they are all pretty much the same until I came accross Baiden Mitten. That little glove totally blew my mind and has allowed me to double the time that I keep my tans. Not only that, but it has changed the texture of my skin so much, that now I have better skin than I had 10 years ago. It definitely is worth a try!

    Beautisol exfoliator

  • Chemical - exfoliators. But not just any one that you can buy in the supermarket or pharmacy. Exfoliators that you use in fake tanning industry are made with different ingredients. They do not contain certain oils that ordinary products contain. If they did, the oil would put a barrier on your skin preventing the spray tanning solution to reach your skin. That could result in a very uneven tan. Intead, they contain fruit acids that dissolve dead skin cells to be washed away. Some of those products also contain some beads that will aid chemical exfoliation with mechanical help.
  • I don't know about you, but when somebody throws in a word "chemical" I immediately think "nasty". It is true, there are many products on the market that you would never put on your body if you knew what is in them, but it does not have to be all bad.

    There ARE some companies that only put beneficial and harmless chemicals into their products. To me it makes sense - you want to keep your regular customers for a long time :-)

    Here is an example of such company. Beautisol. A small company in US concentrating on producing superior self tanning products without any nasty ingredients.

    Their exfoliator is called Go sloth yourself and is totally lovely. It smells so good that you would gladly eat it for desert, but it works very well.

    Although I always exfoliate before spray tanning with Baiden Mitten, I use Go Sloth Yourself in between, when I have build up too much dead skin, and some of it needs to go!

    The reason that you have to use exfoliating products before spray tanning is to get your dead skin layer to be as thin as possible. That way it will take it a long time to build up before it naturally exfoliates. Since spray tanning solution only affects that dead skin layer it means that you will keep you tan that much longer before it rubs off. Exfoliating is especially important when you spray tan mature skin.

    Tan extending products and gradual self tanners.

    Beautisol gradual tanner They are really both the same. They are simply moisturizing creams with a little bit of DHA solution added which has an effect of building up your tan gradually.

    You really have to keep moisturizing your whole body after spray tanning so you might as well use a moisturizer that will boost up the color of your tan as it fades. It will also repair any small damage, so that your tan will stay even.

    Be careful though. I tend to be a bit heavy handed with my cosmetic products, and I found that if I put too much on, I got a bit of an orange glow. When I decreased dosage, the color turned out very beautiful.

    Make sure you wash your hands with soap and warm water after you use tan extending products, otherwise you will finish up with brown palms. For a serious tanner, the exfoliator and tan extending products are not really an option. They ensure that your tan always looks great, and they save you many dollars that you would otherwise have to spend on more frequent spray tanning sessions.

    Go Sloth Yourself is not only one of the best tan extending products but also a great gradual tanner.

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