Sunburnt before spray tan

Question: I had a sunburn before i got my spray tan, but figured it would be okay and got the spray tan my burn is peeling so the tan is coming off in blotches on my arms and prom is in 3 days ...HELP?? Waht should i do?

Answer: There is only one thing you can do: get a bottle of liquid self tanner (or go and ask for a little bit of a spray tanning solution in a small container at the place that you had your spray tan), a little brush or a q-tip and paint in the white patches.
Just take care, make sure that squeeze out the excess of the solution from the paint brush or q-tip. If you do too much, the white patches will become darker then your spray tan and you will have another problem.
It is better to have to do it twice rather than finish with dark patches on your body.

You will be fine, and your spray tan will still look great if you do it right.

Have fun at your prom.

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