Sun tanning after spray tan

Question: Can I develop a good tan afte doing a spray tan or do I need to wait for the spray tan to fade before I get natural color from the sun or tanning beds?

Answer: You can absolutely sun tan with a spray tan on. No need to wait. Just make sure you take it easy and tan gradually. After all you already have a tan, so start with 10 minutes in the sun the first day and very gradually increase. By the time that your spray tan fades you will have a great natural tan.
I lot of people use spray tan that way, so they don't have a temptation to overdo it in the sun. Although you can do the same with sun beds, I never recommend them after I saw what they do to people's skin after a short while. They are the single most damaging thing to the skin that I have ever seen. Stay away from them.

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