stained armpits

by kylie

Dark armpits

Dark armpits

Question: i had my under arms waxed the night befor i got my spray tan after washing off my tan i notices my arm pits were heavely stained with tan in the shape of where i was waxed this did not come off with soap, i was wondering why this happened and how do i get it off :S

Answer: That happens because pores did not have time to close properly after waxing and spray tan lodged itself in them. It is best to wax 2 days before spray tanning.

You can exfoliate gently to get rid of the excess, but if spray tan is lodged in the pores it will take some time to come out.

Sweating can also help a bit as sweat is acidic, so you might want to put the music on loud and have a dance around the room :-)

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