Sray tan and then tan in the sun?

by Liz

Question:( i have fair skin) if i get a spray tan to "get a base"
and then lay in the sun for like an hour almost every day after that will my spray fade and a real tan develope or will my spray tan last longer or will the spray tan just fade and will i be see through again?

Answer:Spray tan will not give you any "base". It in no way protects you from getting burned. If you have a spray tan on, it is as if you are still very pale, except that you have some color ON TOP of your skin.

That is why, if you want to sun tan after spray tanning you have to do it gradually with maybe 10 minutes in the sun the first day increasing it by 5 minutes every day until you get to 1/2 hour. It of course depends on where you are planning to do your sun tanning. It will be different if you are in Canada than if you do it in Barbados.

Just be very sensible otherwise you will get burned, and your tan will peel off with your skin.

If you do it gradually, by the time your spray tan fades, you will be brown from the sun and you will not even know when one finished and the other started.

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