Spray tan videos.

Here is a collection of spray tan videos that I found for you to have a look at. They are from 3 different systems, so you will get some general idea of what could happen. Keep in mind, however that techniques can vary depending on technician. Each one of them has "their way" of working.

1. What does a good, light spray tan look like? - It looks like you were born with olive skin. It does not look like you have a tan on. Very attractive.

2. Eurotanning spray tan. This girl's skin definitely can only take a light spray tan being so very white. Anything darker would look terribly unnatural and when fading, would come off in patches.

3. What happens in a spray tan booth? To start off you must realize that it is very noisy in the spray tan booth. When the air compressor kicks in it sounds as the air will blow you out of the booth and plaster you on the wall. That is just an illusion, the breeze is very light. It takes only 1 minute for the machine to do it's job, so you won't suffer too much.

Would you like to see some funny spray tan videos?

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