How did this spray tanning website come about?

....and why I am so passionate about spray tanning.

Hi, my name is Boshena and never, in my wildest dreams did I imagine that one day I would write a successful spray tanning website (or any other website for that matter).

After spending few years mainly as a stay at home Mum AND coming out of a failed marriage, my self esteem was very low.

It is hard to believe that just a few short years ago not only did I not know how to turn on a computer but I also believed that nobody would be interested in anything I would want to say.

Very, very sad.

After spray tan.

My recent story begins when I was a single mother of 3, working in Real Estate sales and although I enjoyed it, the hours were long and my kids were driving Grandma and Grandpa (who were minding them while I was working) around the bend.They are great kids, but somewhere along the way Grandma and Grandpa ran out of patience for dealing with teenagers.

Things changed drastically after I went to a course in Melbourne (that is in Australia if you are not aware).

There, I met a wonderful guy and after a while I was not single any more, but in a relationship. The problem was......he lived about 800km from me.

In Australia that is not too far, so every week he would just drive down to Sydney for the weekend. However, after a while it got a bit much for everybody.

In the end, I packed the kids and we all moved to a great small town very close to Byron Bay.

There, I discovered 2 problems: One, I was now without a job, and Second, working in offices for such a long time left me whiter than a snowflake. I was so white compared to the locals that people would stop and stare at me.

Here is the photo of how incredibly white my legs were. They did not see sun for many, many years. Before self tan graphic.

In case you don't know, Byron Bay is a well known holiday destination and there are not many people without some sort of color.Of course, being of Eastern European origin, my skin absolutely refused to tan. It just went red and then redder.

That is when I discovered spray tanning

First I tried airbrush spray tanning, but was extremely uncomfortable standing there in a stupid little thong (g-string in Australian), while the technician got really close and personal to my naked body. I swore that I would never do it again.

I still maintained it when I got up in the morning and discovered my white sheets looked as if I dragged them through a mud patch.

But after a shower.......when I looked at myself in the mirror I discovered a bronze goddess that I have never met before.

I spent pretty much most of my waking hours for the next 3 days standing in front of a mirror admiring myself. That is when the idea was formed:

If I open a spray tanning salon, I can be brown all the time!

That would just take care of both my problems - I thought.

My partner was very supportive of this idea. He thought I could do anything. I just had to prove him right!

I bought a spray tan gun on e-bay, some solution and started practicing on my daughter. It was so bad, she refused to go to school the next day.

More spray tan equipment horrors followed but I persisted and finally had a studio in Byron Bay and a great new spray tanning booth (I decided that I would not hurt anybody else with my airbrush skills).

I was about to buy couple of sun beds, when I read about how dangerous they are. I could not bring myself to hurt anybody intentionally, so the idea of sun beds was scrapped.

The studio was chugging along nicely, but without sun beds it was not getting enough turnover for me to employ anybody else full time, so I was stuck there myself.

If you have ever lived in one of the most beautiful places on the planet and could not enjoy it because you had to work, than you know how I felt. It was terrible.

I wanted to be outside living my life instead of sitting in the salon seven days a week.

I decided that I needed either to make the studio really, really busy so that I can employ somebody to work there, or shut it down.

First I spent a lot of money on advertising, but it did not have a desired effect. Sure, I had more people visiting my salon, but after I covered the regular bills AND the advertising on top of it, there was not much left over.

Running out of money to invest in more doubtful marketing strategies I searched online for best ways to market a small business.
The recurring advice was: get a spray tanning website for your studio. I thought it was great advice, but.......have you ever seen how much good web designers charge???????

There is no way I could afford one of those, so again I asked the almighty internet for help. The answer came back:

Build your own spray tanning website!

Obviously - I thought, that was not an option for me, because my computer skills extended to surfing the net, writing e-mails and playing solitaire.

However, my need was very pressing. My partner was working from home, and that means he could just take time off anytime he wanted. He would work at night and spend the days on the beach or visiting friends.

I, on the other hand was spending 7 days in the salon. This arrangement really sucked.

Here I was with everything that I ever wanted to have in terms of relationships, living in a place as close to paradise as you can get and I was not getting any of it, because I had to mind the business.

That is why, even though every fiber in my body screamed "I can't do it", I looked further into websites.

It seemed that there were quite few options and many of them even offered systems where I could build my spray tanning websites for free. It sounded really good, but just before I started on one I asked other business owners in Byron Bay who had websites for their businesses, what worked for them.

100% of them told me that their websites did nothing for their business.
Some of them paid thousands of dollars, yet did not get any customer referrals from them.

I was really confused. Somebody had to be telling a lie. I kept digging deeper.

What I found was very, very unexpected.

I found that web design and web marketing are totally different things.(Did you know THAT?)
What that means is that you might build the most beautiful website with all the latest features, but if you don't market it properly than nobody will have any chance of ever seeing it. What makes it even more difficult is that marketing on internet is very different to marketing offline.

That is why, although it is extremely easy to get somebody to build you a website (kids learn to do it at school these days), to secure services of a good website marketer who will guarantee to build you a website that will actually bring you business, can cost you the price of a small car (or a large one, if they are really good).

Through all of this one that really stood out was a system called SBI. SBI stands for Site Build It and helps you to turn any hobby, passion or skill into a viable online business. You probably don't even realize that almost any topic can make money with a website.

I should know, because this spray tanning website was built with SBI system. It started out as a website for my salon (that is why the website is called,and it was much easier to build than I ever thought.

The system teaches you step by step not only how to build a website, but also how to market it. And the greatest thing about it is - you don't even have to have a product to sell, or a business to promote. You can build a business about any topic and SBI will show you how to make money out of it.

That brings me to the second part of my story:

Why I closed the studio and concentrated on spray tanning website instead.

Few months after I built my website I discovered that my site is not only bringing me many customers (many more than newspaper advertising ever did) but also attracting more and more traffic from all over the world.

The site also started to make me money.(This is what happens when you build your site with SBI).

It did not just happen to me. With SBI it happens all the time - check out other people's stories. It took me couple more months to realize that I could be onto a good thing here, so I monitored the situation closely.

Although studio was getting busier mainly because of my website, when the lease came up for renewal at the studio I decided against it. I did my maths and discovered that without all the overheads I would be making more money just concentrating on my spray tanning website.

I have never regretted this decision.

These days I sit at home, work about 4 hours a week on my spray tanning website that I built with Solo Build It (and I am building two more) and collect more money that I ever made working full time at the studio.

Next year, when the last of my children will move out of home we are going to travel the world...... for few years. I would like to live couple of years in Europe, than on to Asia, and South America. Anywhere where there is an access to computer will do.

That is the beauty of Solo Build It.

Yes, in the beginning it is a lot of learning and work but it is so very worth it.

How do I make money from a website if I don't have any products you might ask?

There are few different ways to do it:
1) From Google advertising (the little ads that say "Ads by Google")
2) From referrals
3) From promoting few products that I like (I don't have to pack and ship them, I am just paid a commission for sending a customer).
4) From e-books, courses etc.

I have not exhausted even half of the monetization ways available to me.

Solo Build It teaches you all those ways and you choose which ones work for you. The most important thing that Solo Build It teaches you is how to get traffic to your website.

Thanks to that knowledge I have thousands of people visiting my spray tanning website every month. Some people click on the ads, some others buy products and some others just read the information (which is OK because the more visitors I have, the higher I rank with Search Engines like Google, so they send even more visitors to my website who click on some ads or buy some products etc. - you get the idea).

Look at my Alexa ranking below. Basically what it shows is that out of over a billion websites that are on internet these days, my site is very much in the top 1%. That is a very good place to be and it means that a lot of people come to my website:

It all ads up and I do not have to pack or ship any products, only answer some questions and build new pages when I feel like it.It's the best job in the world.

My next website will be about travel, so all my trips will be tax deductible.....

You also have some knowledge and skills and no matter how insignificant they might seem to you, there are thousands of people around the world that are searching for this type of information. (One guy built and Solo Build It site about juggling and makes good living out of it - would you believe it?).

If you have ever dreamed of ditching your job, or working when you feel like, or traveling the world, or even just getting the ends meet, I suggest that you check Solo Build It, because if you follow the system IT ALWAYS WORKS.

Update! (October 2009)

My daughters decided to follow in my footsteps and build their own websites about their passions -Ferrets and Pinups. Their businesses are growing very rapidly and I expect that within 1-2 years they will be able to give up their jobs and work from home.

Although they might not want to do this because they both got jobs that they love - thanks to Solo Build It.

They have learned so much about Internet Marketing through building their websites that they were head hunted by major companies to work as internet marketers for their businesses. Of course they also both have Marketing Degrees but their colegues from College still wait on tables while looking for a job in their field while my daughters found jobs even before they finished their studies.
Here is a link to her Ferret-World website of my older daugher Stephanie.

Here is a link to my younger daughter Sorelle's Pinup Passion website.

Here is the link to more info about website building.

Go to top of about me - spray tanning website page.

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