Spray Tanning And Sex.

Can Full Body Tan Enhance Your Sex Life?

Many people spray tan only for important occasions. A prom, wedding, special night out, to look great in a new bikini at the start of a season……

In another words, they mainly use spray tan to look good to other people.

But there is another use of a spray tan. When there is no special occasion to go to, when there is no stunning dress to put on and when there are no other people to admire it.

If you are feeling down, fat (most of us have days like that), have nothing to wear (although the wardrobe is full of clothes) and nobody told you for some time that you are beautiful, go for a spray tan just for you.

It only takes about half an hour and in that time you are changed from a gray mouse into a glowing beauty. You are suddenly slimmer, taller, your skin glows, your eyes sparkle, your cellulite disappears and you are beginning to feel good about yourself. Suddenly you look great in the clothes that have been sitting in the closet for ages, and you can take hours trying on all the different combinations. All at once people are paying you more attention.

Is it because you have changed so much physically?Not at all. If you ask a man in your life what has changed about you, chances are that he will not be able to tell you.

It is not that you look different. It is because you FEEL different, and people pick up on your changed attitude. There is nothing more attractive than a woman who loves who she is and loves her body.

Those vibes also make you irresistibly sexy. And when you would lay on top of the covers so that you can admire your evenly tanned nude body rather than cover up with your oldest, ugliest, most comfortable night gown believe me, your man will notice.

So, go get a spray tan. Not for anybody else, just for yourself. It will make you feel beautiful and your sex life will get a kick start.

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