Starting Your Own Spray Tan Business.

I decided to open my own spray tan business when I fell in love with spray tanning. The way I thought about it was: who in their right mind would fry on the beach or spend hours in solarium beds if they could have the same effect in 5 minutes?

I quickly found out that not everybody was as practical as me. Tanning is surprisingly emotional and it might have something to do with the fact that sunlight (and solarium light) produces a feeling of wellbeing in living things that has nothing to do with color of our skin. Tan is just a by-product that enhances that feeling.

When I opened my studio, my intention was to have a tanning salon, with solarium beds and spray tanning. However, before I bought my first solarium bed I found out how damaging solarium beds are to human skin. Knowing this I could not bring myself to subject anyone to this treatment (and charge them money on top of that!), so I did not ever purchase any solarium beds.

Times are changing and with enough information available spray tanning is becoming more and more popular. Still, if you are thinking about basing your business just on spray tanning, think again. It’s best to cover all your bases and provide complementing services.

One of salon owners that I know added waxing to her services and did so well that she upgraded her services to permanent hair removal. Last time I saw her, she was opening two more salons.

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