Spray tans and stretchmarks?!?

by Alesha
(Charlestown West Virginia)



Question: I recently had a baby 16 months ago and was left with horrible stretchmarks! so.. i recently got a tummy tuck to get rid of them, but i still have small embarassing stretchmarks on my inner thighs.. do you think spray tanning will help to hid the appearance of the marks or how would they react to the solution?

Answer: Alesha, to start with treat your stretch marks with Bio Oil. From experience I know that it works remarkably well, and should reduce your stretch marks by about 1/2.

Second, spray tan is really good on stretch marks, but I found that it wears off sooner. That is why I treat my tummy with one of those tanning creams that build up the tan gradually (I had 3 babies, I know all about stretch marks).
I do it daily, and it keeps stretch marks under control.
If there are only few and big ones, and if spray tan wears off them really quickly, then just take a cue tip, dip it in a spray tanning top up solution (you should be able to buy it in spray tanning salon) and run over the stretch mark.
This way you will cover just the white stretch mark and not the surrounding skin.

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