spray tanning

by collen

Question: Does your body turn orange color after the tanning process?

Answer: It very rarely does these days. In the olden days it happened quite regularly, but everything has moved on, even spray tanning, so 95% of the time the tan will look pretty terrific.

However, since you are dealing here with human skin, and the condition of your skin depends on millions of factors, you cannot get perfect result every time.
That is why sometimes it does happen that you might get a tan that you will not be totally satisfied with. Usually it happens because very white girl wanted to be really dark and the skin could not handle so much solution.

So, the moral of the story is - work with your skin, and most of the time you will be very, very happy.

And - if it doesn't work very well, then take comfort in the fact that in 5-7 days you will be back to your original color.

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