Spray Tanning with or without clothes??

Question: Can I get a spray tan with clothes on like a tank top and short shorts? Because Im very uncomfortable with my body and this will be my first time. what should I do???

Answer: You can get spray tanned in anything that you want. You are paying for it, so you call the shots.

However, you must know that spray tanning technicians have often seen hundreds of different bodies, and they are used to pretty much everything. They will not make you feel embarassed. They might say "can you please lift your left breast" or something like that, but that is because their aim is to spray tan you as even as possible.

I would encourage you to wear a dark color bikini if you own one, or panties and an old bra that you don't mind throwing out if it gets stained. Or better still - go topless. You will be happy you did it after the tan develps and your body is all brown and looks slim and fabulous.

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