spray tanning the morning of an event

Question: I'm going to homecoming saturday at nine that night. What if I spray tan the morning of? Will I look orange for homecoming?

Answer: It is possible to turn out orange if you ask for a medium or dark tan for a very fair skin. Just stick to the lightest spray tan possible, and be happy if you only get a glow. It is heaps better than turning out orange.
If you have a spray tan on the day of your function, it might not have enough time to develop fully. You might actually finish off with a better tan the day AFTER the homecoming than at the actual event.
You need at least 5 hours from the spray tan till you shower. Will that give you enough time to have your hair and make up done afterwards? I am not sure.

I must say, I was always very nervous with spray tanning clients that decided to get their very first spray tan right before a big event.
Things CAN go wrong with spray tanning, especially when you are a novice and are not skilled yet preparing before a tan, taking care of it and fixing possible problems. I do hope that everything turns out OK, which it does in majority of cases, but if something goes wrong do not blame the technician lightly. It is very possible that the problem could be with you and your inexperience.

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