Spray tanning on medium African American compexion

Question: Hi I am African-American. I will like to know what is a good spray tanner (preferably organic/all natural) I can use to disguise my hideous body scars/dark blemishes. My complexion is a little darker than Zoe Saldana. Please help ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!


Answer:Hi, When it comes to your dark blemishes, instead of of camouflaging them why don't you rather get rid of them? There is a wonderful little mitt that not many people know of, but which for me has worked miracles and made my skin tone much more even then I used to have. I even wrote a review of this little tool, you can find it here. Oh, it seems to help a bit with the scars too.

If, after using that little mitt you still need to even out body color, the only totally natural self tanner that I have ever found that works really well is Safetan. Not only is it natural, gives great color and has good staying power, but also it comes with some great little foam applicators that let you blend it in really well, so you have absolute control where, and how much of it you want.

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