Spray tanning Naked.

Question: Can I go spray tanning naked or no?

Answer: It depends on few things:

  • Are you male or female? - Some girls don't feel comfortable spray tanning naked males, so you will be given a disposable g-string (thong) or you can take your own.
  • Does the technician feel comfortable with spraying ANY naked bodies? - Most techicians have seen so many naked bodies that another one makes no difference, but if there is a girl that might be just starting, or she just isn't comfortable getting close to people's genitals, then you might be required to wear either a disposable thong or your own swimmers.
  • Some salons just have a "no nudity" policy and it is usually stated very clearly, so you don't have to guess.

I suggest you ring ahead the salon of your choice and ask them what their policy is.That way you can be certain that you are going to get an all over tan, or find another salon.

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