spray tanning naked

by Ben

Question: I wanted to get an all over spray tan. I am a man but no-where will do it for me? They all suggest that I wear disposable pants? I thought the idea was to get an even all over tan...

Answer: You can either source a salon where they have a man doing spray tanning (yes, those DO exist, I have seen one myself), or simply go to a salon where they have an automatic booth, everybody goes in naked there, since there is nobody in the room with you.
Booths are quick, easy and you can ask for a bronzer-free spray tanning solution so that you don't stain everything. I much prefer a booth myself since I do not particularly enjoy a strange person spray tanning me while I am in a birthday suit.

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Sep 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

We dont want to see a strange naked man. Its nasty. We don't even like to spray women with their panites off. Its gross. Go in the damn booth! No one wants to see it!

Dec 03, 2009
by: Anonymous

I dont see the big deal when waxing they must see some sights! I think the english are too uptight!!

Boshena's comment: You could be right there!

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