Spray tanning naked clients

by lorraine

Question: Is it safe to spray tan clients who are completely naked,male and female?

Answer: Whose safety are you concerned with - yours or the clients'?
The spray tanning solution is supposed to be safe for the clints that is why in a spray tan booths most clients spray tan naked.
If you want to you can inform the clients that FDA recommends protecting areas where mucous membranes might let the spray tanning solution permiate into the blood stream. Those areas are eyes (goggles), nose (nose plugs) mouth (lip gloss) and genitals (thong).

When being spray tanned by hand most technicians simply hand the client a paper thong and ask them to wear either those, or their own swimmers. That is for the comfort of the technicians. Not everybody enjoys getting close to other people's naked genitals as you inevitably do when spray tanning legs.

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