Spray tanning for husband coming home from 7 month deployment

by ProudAFWifey
(RAB, Germany)

Question: I've never had a spray tan. If I get a spray tan like 2 days before he comes home.....will it come off when we get sweaty? will he taste it when he kisses my skin?


Answer: You lucky girl, you are getting a great Christmas present this year!

I think that you should get spray tan one day before he comes (make sure that you scrub really, really well a day before spray tan, especially places like elbows, knees, ankles and feet), and then when he comes home your spray tan will be of full strength.
Some of the spray tan might wear out when you get really hot and sweaty, especially if you start having some long hot bubble baths together, but from experience I know that husbands that have not seen wives for 7 months will not notice it at all. First impression will be the one that they keep in their mind. Just in case make sure that you have some tan extender handy, to moisturize with it in the morning and boost up your spray tan to its original condition.

Also, the smell and taste of the spray tanning solution stays on the skin only till the first shower. Since you will have had a shower after your tan sets, you will just smell and taste like you.

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