spray tanning for children?

Spray tanning for children

Spray tanning for children

Question: IS spray tanning safe for children?

Answer: The industry says yes, but I have learned to be suspicious of anything that any industry is saying these days, and so I do my own research as you are obviously doing.

Children's bodies are still growing, so some things that would not have much effect on adults can have some profound effects on children.

Spray tanning solutions vary greatly. Some have safe, tested ingredients, but some don't. It is difficult to know which are which, unless you are a chemist. Not many of us are.

That is why I would suggest that instead of getting your child spray tanned, instead opt for something like Safe Tan which has only safe, natural ingredients and is as harmless as is possible for a fake tan to be.
It takes me about two minutes to apply if you just spread it with your hands (wearing latex gloves) and the effect is much better than most spray tans anyway, because it looks totally natural.

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