Spray Tanning and Sunburn

by Georgia

Question: Can you get a spray tan when your sunburnt? And will it cover sunburn?

Answer: You can get a spray tan after a sun burn, but it will not be a good outcome. If you do it immediately on the same day, your sun burn can actually become a bit less extreme but that is due to the fact that most spray tanning solutions contain aloe vera which is soothing.

Frankly, it is much cheaper to get a pure aloe vera gel from the pharmacy or even supermarket and put it all over your body. It will soothe your burn and help your tan to peel less especially if you reapply it regularly and in large quantities through the day.

If you spray tan after sun burning, your skin will still peel and your tan will look horrible. White patches on the brown background - yuk.

Spray tan will only cover sun burn a bit, if your skin is not too hot. Spray tanning solution goes off if heated, so if your skin is really hot, the heat will just neutralize the solution and you will not get any color at all.

So, if you got sun burned, the answer is a lot of pure, organic aloe vera spread generously over your burned skin several times a day and not spray tan.

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