spray tanning and partying

by Jaclyn
(staten island)

Question: my friend is having a sweet sixteen on friday, its thursday. i have a tanline on my arms from wearing a t-shirt to a baseball game a few weeks ago and my dress that i have to wear has no sleeves. i want to get a spray tan and was considering having it done today and then shower right before her party. if i get a spray tan with clear solution and then go to her party and dance and obviously sweat, will it run and get all over my dress or will it be okay to sweat after a few hours? HELP

Answer: If you have a tan with a clear spray tan solution you need not shower before putting on a dress and going to a party (although it is extremely important to give it about 4-5 hours before you do it for the tan to set, otherwise you will rub your fresh tan off with your clothes and it will be patchy).

The clear solution will still run when you sweat, however, because it is clear, you will not finish in brown smudges, and your clothes will not get any color on them either.

Bear in mind that you can only get a spray tan with a clear solution in a booth, the technicians that spray tan by hand need to have the bronzer, so that they can see where they have covered already.
In the booth EVERYTHING gets sprayed evenly, so although your tan lines will blend in better, they will still be visible. Only a technician with a hand held gun can blend the tan lines in perfectly so they do not show at all. That means that you MUST have a shower before you get into your party clothes, otherwise they will be ruined, and you will finish looking like a zebra.

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