spray tanning and hyperpigmentation

Question:I have hyperpigmentation spots on my face, will spray tanning provide an even skin color or will it just make the hyperpigmentation spots darker?

Answer: Spray tan will make everything go darker, but it DOES blend in better and hyperpigmentation is not as noticeable.

The problem is - some hyperpigmentation patches are dryer than the rest of the skin and they stay dark long after the tan on the rest of the skin fades. So, you might be left with even darker patches for few days, which is not terribly attractive.

The remedy for that is - exfoliatie extra well before spray tanning with Baiden Mitten if possible. That should take the dryness off and the spray tan will then fade in the even fashion.

If you want to check how spray tan would behave on your face, I suggest to use one of those creams that build up the tan slowly (you can get them from the supermarkets) and after you use it about 3-4 days in a row you will get an idea how your skin behaves with the fake tanning products.

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