by Catalina Macy
(Houston, TX, USA)

Question: Hi, I am going to Cancun on Friday. I scheduled an appointment to get airbrush tan the day before, i am really scared hahah. I will be in the ocean and maybe a little in the beach, will this make my tan fade badly? i will be there for 8 days and i am scared that half way thru my vacation my skin will look bad. Should i just buy an expensive spray tan sysyem and do it myself that way i can re do it if i have to in my vacation? i searched everywhere in the internet for answers, i would appreciate it sooooo sooo much if you can answer me.

Thank you

Answer: Get your spray tan before you go on holidays, then do not spend too long in the water so that your skin will not become water logged and soft which would make the tan to come off the in patches.
Try not to roll too much in the sand either as it can rub your tan off quicker.

Make sure you have a tan extending product with you with which you can moisturize daily. That will repair and extend your tan.

And lastly, by the time that your tan will wear off you will have developed some of a natural sun tan, so you will not even know whan your spray tan will fade and your sun tan will appear. The most important thing is not to get burned, as it is very easy to not notice your skin getting red when you have a spray tan on. The sun in Cancun is pretty strong, so you should limit your sun tanning to 15 minutes on the first day and increase it by no more than 5 minutes every day. That way you can have a great tan all the way through your holidays and beyond.

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