Spray tan to accentuate abs.

by Jes
(Melbourne, Australia)

Question: How do I use spray tanning to enhance muscle tone?

Answer(I got this for you from Jacinta who teaches this stuff):

The only way to work on definition is by using the gun to follow the lines of the body & the muscles.

We recommend having the gun down low so minimal solution comes out. I think this question is by people that want to make abs where there are no abs.

They need to use the gun carefully with a criss cross action. What I mean is that if they have set the gun to spray up and down the body, then where the want to define the body they spray horizontal and then do a light buff over to make sure it blends well.

If they want to emphasize the cleavage, they need to follow the curve of the breast from the shoulder bland around the breast to the center crease.

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