Spray tan then go tanning in the sun?

Question: Hi, I was wondering if you could get a spray tan and then go tanning in the sun about a week later. I have gotten a spray tan before and it turned out really good! But I was wondering, if you got a spray tan, and then when it was wearing off, about a week later, could you lay out in the sun and get the tan back? Or if you got a spray tan and then layed out while you still had the spray tan, would the tan wear off and when it did would you have a natural glow underneath from the sun? Thanks!

Answer: You can go and work on your sun tan immediately after getting spray tan. That is because they work on totally different principles.
When you do however, remember that a spray tan will not protect your skin from UV rays. Your skin will be as unprotected as if it had absolutely no color. Make sure that you start with a very short time in the sun and very gradually extend your time suntanning otherwise you will burn and you spray tan will just peel away. It does not look pretty, believe me.

If you are smart about it, you will not even know when your spray tan will wear off and you sun tan will take over, the transition will be seamless.

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