Spray tan staining clothes.

by Kimberley

Question: I was wondering if and for how long you will stain your clothes and sheets (especially white) after a spray tan
session... I am extremely pale and may need a few coats,
and am considering spray tanning fortnightly to keep up
the color indefinitely..

Answer: If you have a spray tan with bronzer in it, you will stain sheets badly until you've had a shower, then you will still stain them lightly because bronzer has a tendency to get into your pores and when you sweat, it comes out.

If you have a spray tan without bronzer (that usually only happens if you have a spray tan in a booth) there will be no staining, except when your skin exfoliates naturally and may leave some light yellowish residue on white sheets and towels.

The staining from the bronzer washes out unless you have satin sheets, and then it does not.
Since you are very pale, I suggest you only get the lightest spray tan. That will look very natural and wear out very nicely without going patchy. You will also need some tan extending products to keep the tan nice if you are planning to have sessions fortnightly.

Thanks for a great question.

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