spray tan seems to just wash off

by Denise

I am shaving and exfoilating before spray tan. I usually do not take a bath until the next day. my chest and arms look great but it seems like my tan just washes off my legs. I am not using soap or a wash rag. it just washes off as soon as water hits it. I am using Norvell organic brown solution. What can I be doing wrong?

Answer:To start with, I would suggest that you do not take baths after spray tanning because that shortens life of the tan very considerably and makes it more likely to turn patchy. Short, cool showers are the best way to go with patting dry afterwards (no rubbing). That way you will keep your tan a lot longer in good condition.

When it comes to your legs, shaving takes a lot of dead skin layer off and tanning solution acts on the proteins in that dead skin layer turning it brown.
So, if you shave just before spray tanning your dead skin layer might be too shallow. You need 24-48 hours after shaving for your skin to build up a good layer of dead skin for the tan to be able to act on it.

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Dec 22, 2015
RE: spray tan seems to just wash off
by: Emily Louis

Don’t play with you skin with tanning solutions. I think its not better for your skin also it make rashes and make things dirtier.

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