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There are many spray tan salons, and the number is growing daily. Some are great, others not so good. Before I opened my own studio, I tried few different systems, and the one I chose was MagicTan. Few of the reasons for that was quality of the equipment,quality of spray tanning solution and staff training.

That of course does not mean that there aren't any other good systems around, just that I might not have used them. For my own website I feel comfortable recommending MagicTan.

If you cannot find a spray tan salon close to you on this website, another good way to find good service is to ask your friends for any names of businesses they used (you might not only find the one that does good service, but you will for sure find out which ones to avoid).

Lots of wedding planners in your area will also have a name or a list of businesses that they recommend. You can usually trust those recommendations, because the reputation of wedding planners largely depends on the services they use.So, where can you have your spray tan?


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