Spray tan prices - how economical is it to get and maintain your tan?

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Spray tan prices vary from salon to salon. Single spray tanning session can range from $25 to $60 depending mainly on the experience of a technician and the spray tanning method (booth is generally more expensive than the airbrushed tan).

So, to get the exact price of a spray tanning session in your area, you might have to give a ring around the salons.

How to calculate the cost of spray tanning if you want to do it regularly.

If you want to spray tan regularly, the spray tan prices are amazingly affordable, especially, if you purchase a package.

Unlike solariums,where you have to have few sessions to build up your tan, the very first time you go for a spray tan, you come away with a beautiful tan.

If you spray tan regularly, your skin gets accustomed to the solution, and holds the tan much longer. To get to this stage, you will need about 3 sessions 5 days apart. From then on you can spray tan every 2 weeks, provided that you learn how to use tan extending products properly.

So, let’s work it out on prices that I charged at my spray tan salon, and you can always substitute your local spray tan prices to know exactly how much it will cost you.

At my spray tanning salon, the price of a tan in a package was $33.

First month’s tanning: 3 sessions to get the skin used to the solution + one additional maintenance session $33x4= $132

Additionally you need to use tan extending lotion: $35 p/month.

Total for the first month is $167.

Subsequent months: 2 sessions at $33 each = $66 plus a tube of tan extending lotion $35. All up $101.

Learn how to get and keep a full body tan for as little as $5.60 a week.

Lets compare it to solarium tanning.

In my area solarium session in a package is $15. You need about 5 sessions every second day to build up a nice tan. For about 3 of those days you don’t see much of the color at all. Later, you will need two or three sessions a week to maintain this level of tan. You will also have to use various products to accelerate the tanning process, and protect your skin.

First month: 5 tans to build up your tan plus 6 more sessions to maintain your tan $75+$90=$165.Products $35.

Total for the first month is $200.

Subsequent months: 8 sessions at $15 each=$120 plus products $35. All up $155.

From my experience, not many people calculate the real spray tan prices like that. My clients are often surprised when I show them the difference between spray tan prices and cost of solarium tanning.In the long run it makes a lot of sense to the pocket. But this is not all.

Here come the best savings of all!

1. How much time will you save, if you do only 2 spray tanning sessions instead of 8 per month? If you choose spray tanning in a booth, your sessions can take as little as 10 minutes, and that includes undressing, preparation, spray tanning and putting your clothes back on. You can easily do it in your coffee break!

2. Save thousands and thousands of dollars on cosmetics and procedures reversing sun damage from sun tanning and solariums.

Both of the above methods produce such huge damage to the skin that a 30 year old woman, who tans regularly, will have skin of a 40 year old woman that does not tan.

That is why botox, laser resurfacing, chemical peels and tons and tons of specialized cosmetics are a multi billion dollar industry. If you do not expose your skin to the sun or solarium tanning, you will be able to save on most of those treatments.

3.Save your skin from skin cancer.

Did you know that if you suffered sunburn 3 or more times during your lifetime, you double the chance of skin cancer? Quite scary. And did you know that UVA rays in solariums penetrate much deeper than UVB rays from the sun? The result is that solariums do damage to you skin on much deeper level. There is quite a lot of evidence that solariums also greatly increase the risk of skin cancer.

When you look closely at different tanning methods, spray tan prices becomes truly affordable. Spray tanning not only saves you real dollars, but also helps you to maintain beautiful skin your whole life.

If those spray tan prices are still too much for you, you can be tanned for as little as $5.60 per week!

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