spray tan precautions

by Charisse
(Ithaca ny)

Question: My question revolves around FDA precautions for eyes/nose and mouth. I currently have clients use vaseline on the lips as a barrier but do you have recommendations for nose filters and some sort of eye protection? There seems to be growing concerns for exposure and I want to protect myself and my clients.

Answer: Have the nose plugs (or even a bag of cotton balls that clients can stuff up their nose loosely and goggles available (the ones for tanning beds are ideal, because they are very small).
My clients always signed a questionare/disclaimer before spray tanning session, and if you want, you can add there a line that FDA suggests wearing goggles and nose plugs for client's protection and if clients don't want to use them, they do so at their own risk.
Once they signed it, you are covered even if your clients choose not to wear the goggles and nose plugs.

I had my clients sign a disclaimer for years, and not once did anybody refuse to sign it, or change their mind about getting a spray tan. I just told them that it is our policy to make sure that they are aware what they are getting themselves into. When told that with a smile, all clients just laughed, read and signed the disclaimer.

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