Real Spray Tan Photos of before and after.

I don't know about you, but I just want to see the real spray tan photos of before and after. Something about computer enhanced ones makes me feel like there is something to hide. Personally, I would rather see the real stuff, good and bad, and make up my own mind.

This being the case, following are some of the crummiest photos of before and after spray tan that you've probably seen.

The bottom line is, you will be able to see that a tan will improve any body's looks, even if some of the subjects might not be a cover girl material (definitely myself in that category).

Before spray tan

After spray tan

No prizes for guessing, why I love my spray on tan!

"Pale" is definitely not a good look for me. Because I tan regularly, my skin is used to the solution, and holds the tan much longer than with people who spray tan only occasionally. It took me almost 3 weeks of daily exfoliating to get to my original, pale skin (and let me tell you, it was quite a shock to see, how pale I really am). This is medium tan on me. I usually prefer a lighter color, because it fades off evenly.

girl before spray tan girl after spray tan

Perfect skin, perfect tan.

Oh, it’s great to be young, and with a perfect skin. Although this regular client always tans on the lowest setting and with almost no preparation at all, her tan always looks perfect.

I would suggest that you however do all the preparations necessary, because those spray tan photos are of my daughter, and she gets her spray tans for free.

If the tan would not turn out perfect, she would just jump back into the booth and not worry about the cost.

man before spray tan man with a spray tan

Spray tan shows off the muscles.

We get quite a few man spray tanning, because they feel comfortable using the booth. I have seen quite a few great results, and am always amazed how the tan accentuates muscles, even on some men that don't appear to have too many of those when they are pale. This might be the reason why body builders always compete deeply tanned...
This client is a life saver and tans on the lowest setting so it looks super natural and his mates will not realize that he fake tans.

The only way he allowed me to use those spray tan photos is because I convinced him that his mates were unlikely to look for a spray tanning site (couple of free tans also helped).

before and after spray tan

spray tanned body.

Wow, what a difference! Would you believe this also is the lowest setting? This client has quite a dry skin, that's why her skin absorbs so much solution.

pale legs safe tan spray tan safetan spray on tan

This tan has been achieved with a real great self tanner called Safe Tan.
Those pictures were taken before tanning (obviously), after one application, and after two applications. To date I have not found any better self tanning product on the market, and that is an honest truth.

Have a look at some spray tan photos of really bad spray tans.

Have a great photo of your own spray tan that you would like to share?

Tell us what spray tanning system did you use, and if possible, include your "before" spray tan photo as well.

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