Spray tan on Stretch marks

Question: well summer is coming and i have my graduation trip in july. i have stretch marks some of them are pink mixed with light brown.
so i want to know if i buy a spray tan will that cover them? or should i buy a tanning lotion?

Answer: Both of those products work on the same principle, so it does not matter which one you use, you will get the same effect - they will get the stretch marks to blend in a bit better, although they will still be visible.

If you want to diminish stretch marks, the sure way to do it is to use Baiden Mitten followed by Bio Oil. They might first get angry and red when you scrub them, but within couple of days they will go white and shrink. Mine are so faint now that you can only see them when the light reflects off them.

Just make sure that you don't use Bio Oil (you can get it in supermarkets and pharmacies) before you use a tanning product, because it forms a barrier that will not let the tanning agent to reach your skin.

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