Choose a Spray Tan Machine Most Suitable For Your Business.

If you want to get into spray tanning business, you need a spray tan machine.

This is obvious, but which one should you choose?. There are many on the market, and they vary in quality and cost. How do you choose one?

First, assess your needs. If you are just opening a new salon or contemplating providing a mobile service, start with a hand held unit.

If, on the other hand you have a high traffic salon, go straight for the booth. This spray tan machine will pay for itself, and you don't have to put on extra staff to operate it. The customers just look at the instruction video and then take care of their own tanning.

You are just left to collect the money, top up the solution and give the booth a good clean at the end of the day. Even untrained casual staff can do it.

If you will chose a hand held machine, please make sure that you get some good training. You can do amazing things with some knowledge, like choose the right solution to match your client's coloring EXACTLY and also make them look slimmer, more tonned and generally with a better body. So - once you can produce that magic, people will keep coming for more.

It cost me a lot of sweat,tears and money to find my own spray tan machine, and in my opinion one company wins hands down.

Below are some facts about their range of equipment:

MagicTan - Mini

Handheld spray tan machine. - very lightweight, only 4kg

-extremely quiet(does not sound like an industrial vacuum cleaner)

- extremely easy to operate

-you can adjust both air pressure and solution flow to suit your own preferences

- best quality spray gun (that is SO important)

- has one year warranty

- they can be leased from the company to further reduce your start up cost

Eco Extraction Booth

Eco Booth

To go with your hand held spray tan machine.

So much better than the tent, since it has the extraction fans to eliminate the mist.

Set of down lights will illuminate the client evenly, so that you can do a good job spraying them.

The only maintenance that you will need to do on this little unit is to wipe it down after each session and occasionally change filters.

Click here to source good, used and inexpensive spray tan equipment.

VersaSpa Spray Tan Booth

VersaSpra spray tan booth.

This is newest breed of spray tanning machines - fully automated:

- It produces almost no mist, and the little there is gets sucked out instantly, so nobody comes out of the booth coughing and spluttering

- there is so little mist, and it is eliminated so quickly that there is no need for door (if you ever had a client hop out of the booth in the middle of the session because of the feeling of claustrophobia, you will appreciate this)

- the mist is sucked out so quickly that it does not actually fall to the floor thus eliminating the dreaded "streaky feet and brown soles syndrome".It makes "sticky feet" unnecessary.

- it uses no air compressor, so not only is it quieter than the previous model, but also needs a smaller space.

- You can choose from 3 different levels of tanning, so you can have a light, medium or dark tan.

- choice of tanning solution with bronzer or without

- clients can choose to spray tan whole body, or just face or legs

- AND (drum roll please)the machine actually dries the client. That not only gives better tans for clients but also means no constant washing of towels for the salon owner!

Here is a video that will show you how such a machine operates:

Please do not write to me asking me to recommend any make or model. Different people like different machines for different reasons, so you will just have to do your own research.

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