spray tan interfere with tattoo removal

by Carisa Anderson

Question: I did spray tan a couple days ago then had a tattoo removal session yesterday. I have had 3 previous removals and it never looked like this. It just looks a little strange, as if the pigmentation in my untattooted skin was affected. It has a dark brownm hue, especially where he lasered the red ink. I am trying to figure out if this was a result of my spray tan (Mystic) and the tatto removal having a bad interaction. My removal specialist uses a Medlite c-6 and told me the spray tan would not affect my removal or harm my skin. If this supposed reacion is a result of a bad interaction, do you think it is permanent or will go away as the tattoo removal heals?

Answer: I cannot see how a spray tan would affect tattoo removal since spray tan effects only the dead skin layer and does not affect the live skin where tattoo is embedded. Spray tan is only cosmetic, like make up. I find it very unlikely that it would effect the removal process. I hope whatever it is will clear up, because I do not know what it could be, hopefully just your skin's reaction to the procedure.

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May 24, 2010
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by: jenny

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