Spray tan in the pores of my face.

by kirsty

Question: I had a tan yesterday not yet had a shower but its all in my pores on my face how do i get it out with out rubbing it all of me face?

Answer: Most of it should come off with the first shower. I know it looks pretty grose, but that is the effect of bronzer that is added to the solution to give you and "instant" tan.

If you still have "spotty" look after your shower, the only way to get rid of it quickly is to sweat. Go for a quick run, or a bike ride, and when you sweat the color will wash out of your pores.

That is one of the reasons why I do not like solutions with a bronzer in them. I prefer to tan in a spray tan booth.
You get sprayed with a clear solution, so you don't get an "instant" tan, but you get gradually darker over few hours.

Not as exciting as turning brown in a space of few minutes, but you avoid a lot of problems like spotty look or filthy sheets and towels.

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